Séquestration et vol chez un couple dans l’Essonne : trois suspects en détention

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Trois individus ont été inculpés aujourd’hui à Angerville (Essonne) pour extorsion et séquestration en bande organisée après une enquête de dix mois. Ils sont accusés d’avoir retenu en captivité un couple chez eux et d’avoir dérobé des biens de valeur ainsi qu’une somme d’argent conséquente. Ils ont été incarcérés en attendant leur procès.

Violent attack and extortion in Angerville: Three suspects indicted and incarcerated

After a meticulous ten-month investigation, three men were indicted this Thursday for acts of extortion and organized gang kidnapping against a couple residing in Angerville, in the Essonne region, according to Le Parisien.

On January 3, 2023, this couple living in Angerville was the victim of a violent attack. Three hooded and armed individuals managed to break into their home. They held the victims captive for several hours. One of the suspects forced the man to go to a bank to withdraw a large sum of money, while his partner was held at their home by the other two attackers, who searched the house for valuable items. After several hours, the criminals finally left the scene, taking luxury leather goods and the victims’ mobile phones with them.

An investigation was opened by the prosecutor’s office in Évry and subsequently entrusted to an examining magistrate. The gendarmes from the Paris section of the research department (SR), in collaboration with the Étampes brigade, conducted the investigation. After several months of work, law enforcement authorities managed to identify a « gang of criminals originating from the Essonne region, » according to a source close to the investigation cited by the Parisian newspaper. The gendarmes also noted that the suspects had conducted surveillance before carrying out the act.

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Recovered items belonging to the couple

The three suspects, all in their thirties and already known to the judicial authorities for other offenses, were arrested and placed in custody on Tuesday. The search of their homes led to the recovery of items belonging to the assaulted couple, as well as the weapons used during the incident.

The three men have been indicted for « extortion committed by an organized gang with a weapon » and « kidnapping of multiple people by an organized gang, followed by release before the 7th day. » The suspects were remanded in custody following their appearance in court.